Handmade Sock Puppy


This happy, cuddly and energetic puppy is ready for a new home! He’ll be the perfect companion and best friend to your baby, toddler or child…if you give him a chance.

Oh! He wants to say something..

With the buttons, socks, thread and stuffing, I promise to stay by your side and protect you with all that I am. Let’s cuddle up in bed together, ready for a bedtime story? I am too! In the morning, we’ll play peek-a-boo (you cover my eyes & I’ll cover yours).

I’m one-of-a-kind, just as you are.
We’ll explore the world, near & far!

Keep my stuffing in my socks
I’ll keep you laughing on our walks

When you’ve grown & have kids of your own
Pass me down. To them I’m a cuddly unknown!

Note: Blue is temp out of stock. Yellow or Purple is available.

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Sock Animals, Stuffed Animals & Plushies – Everyone’s either had them or heard of them before. What’s not to like?

Perfect for any baby, toddler or child. My sock animals are popular gifts for Baby Showers as well!

I’ve designed & made this cute, plush puppy from many unused socks. No machines or helpers. Everything was hand sewn by myself in my pet-free, smoke-free home.