Handmade Sock Animal – Stuffed Octopus



Grab your snorkel, come with me
Let’s swim in the big blue sea.

Lovely Mermaids singing to us
I’m their favorite, an Octopus

Oh look, a fish. A Star fish,
Quick, we need to make a wish!

A treasure chest! Is that gold I see?
You laugh, grab my hand & wink at me.

Protect each other, exploring the sunken ship
Mommy calls us back to shore, oh what a trip!

Cuddling together under our blanky
Missing the Sea, starting to get cranky.

Then we laugh as we watch dolphins play,
cuddle closer, can’t wait till next holiday!


This spotted & happy Octopus is ready for a new home! She’ll be a best friend & cuddle monster to your baby, toddler or child…if you give her a chance.

Ah! Here she is poking me with a few of her tentacles again. (I think she wants a turn to talk)

Some people call me:
• a sea monster
• giant squid
• big sea spider
• ewww!

Let’s just go with: Intelligent, colorful & happy Socktopus ok? With my big smile, 8 “legs” and giant head, I’ll mastermind all kinds of fun activities for us. If you’re a newborn (like I am), I’ll just be happy and let you grab my legs and nuzzle into my big soft head.




Sock Animals & Stuffed Animals – Everyone’s either had them or heard of them before. What’s not to like?!

Perfect for any baby, toddler, child or us adults! My sock animals are popular Baby Shower Gifts as well! Be unique & buy something handmade.

I’ve designed & handmade this soft, stuffed Octopus from colorful spotted socks. No machines or helpers. Everything was hand sewn by myself in my pet-free, smoke-free home.