Handmade Sock Animal – Narwhal


This cute, loving & adventurous baby narwhal is still growing into his tusk. He’s looking for a new, kind home! He’ll be the perfect cuddly & soothing companion to your baby or child…if you give him a chance.

Oh! He’s poking me with his tusk, I think he wants to get a word in…

I’m hoping to find a loving, cuddly & giggly baby or child. You can show me off to your friends as YOUR majestic narwhal. I’m proof that Unicorns DO exist, umm, in the sea anyway. 🙂

We’ll have amazing adventures in and out of our beautiful imaginations, we’ll create exciting stories together and later in life, maybe live them out.

Snuggle me close under our blanket
swim through the sea of imagination.

Through colorful coral & schools of fish
sit back & watch an expert demonstration.

My tusk bonking into things while I swim
giggling at my lack of relaxation.

Jump on my back, take a breath & hold my tusk,
explore the world with your sock creation.

I’m one-of-a-kind, just as you are.
We’ll explore the world, near & far!

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Stuffed Animals / Sock Animals – Everyone’s either had them or heard of them before. What’s not to like?

This colorful (Blue or Purple), stuffed baby Narwhal is perfect for any baby or child. My sock animals are great for Baby Showers, Birthday gifts & even adults love them!

I’ve designed & made this adorable, plush narwhal from many clean upcycled socks. No machines or helpers. Everything was hand sewn by myself in my pet-free, smoke-free home.