Handmade Sock Animal Horse


Stuffed Animals / Sock Animals – Everyone’s either had them or heard of them before. What’s not to like?

This colorful, baby stuffed horse is perfect for any baby or child. My sock animals are great for Baby Showers, Birthday gifts & even adults love them!

I’ve designed & made this cute, plush horse from many unused socks. No machines or helpers. Everything was hand sewn by myself in my pet-free, smoke-free home.


Let’s snuggle under your silky blanky
perfect together, chubby & lanky.

You’ll giggle & laugh at my spots of color
I’ll laugh at your chubbyness, till you’re taller!

We’ll see trucks, tractors, haybails & farms,
close together, protect you from life’s harms.

Jump on my back & hold my hair,
We’ll gallop our way to Day Care.

I’m one-of-a-kind, just as you are.
We’ll explore the world, near & far! ♥



This adorable, loving & loyal baby horse is too small for the stables & looking for a new home! She’ll be the perfect cuddly & calming companion to your baby or child…if you give her a chance.

Oh, how polite…she’s raising a hoof. ☺

Don’t let my colorful Pink, Red & Green spots on my beautiful Purple coat fool you. I’m a strong horse so I’ll protect you and stay at your side, always. Through all the tummy aches, colds, sleepless nights and later in life, broken hearts.. I’ll be there for you.