Handmade Sock Animal – Argyle Giraffe


I’m shy, awkward & lanky,
I’ll protect us…and our blanky.

With finely honed ninja skills
Kick the lion, run for the hills!

Let’s relax & share our milk bottle,
Get up. I’ll laugh at your cute toddle.

Highly skilled at funny faces –
you giggle, as i trip on my laces!

You tumble with your baby belly laugh,
and land on your blanky with your giraffe & a half.

I’m one-of-a-kind, just as you are.
We’ll explore the world, near & far!

This tall, spotted & graceful Giraffe is ready for a new home! She’ll be the best protector & cuddliest friend to your baby, toddler or child…if you give her a chance.

Ah! Out of nowhere, here she is, headbutting in again…

Some people call me:
• Gangly
• Lanky
• Skinny
• Tall

Let’s just go with: Tall, Spotted & Beautiful, ok? With my long lashes, long reach & grace, I’ll get us into and out of all kinds of fun trouble. If you need to grow into the trouble-making, let’s just cuddle & play high up in the trees with leaves.




Sock Animals & Stuffed Animals – Everyone’s either had them or heard of them before. What’s not to like?!

Perfect for any baby, toddler, child or us adults! My sock animals are popular Baby Shower Gifts as well! Be unique & buy something handmade.

I’ve designed & handmade this cute, plush Giraffe from adorable Argyle socks. No machines or helpers. Everything was hand sewn by myself in my pet-free, smoke-free home.

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