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About Silky Blanky

Our handmade, ultra soft & unique baby blankets are an excellent choice for:

  • New Baby Gifts
  • Newborn Baby Gifts
  • Baby Shower Gifts
  • Trendy Baby Gifts
  • Cool Baby Gifts
  • Baby Gifts for Girls
  • Baby Gifts for Boys
  • Luxury Baby Gifts
  • And so on…

Regardless of how many baby blankets a mom already has been gifted or has, a truly luxurious and handmade baby blanket will be the one which mom & baby will always reach for. What’s really great about these luxury baby blankets is that you can use them for: Swaddling your baby, more peaceful travel, keeping them warm or cool, keeping them occupied & comfortable while you do errands, etc.
Admit it, baby blankets are just plain adorable!  And there’s so many to choose from. I’ve been told from customers that they wish they could replace all of their other blankets just for an extra Silky Blanky.

Our Founders
Our Team
Quality Fabric
The quality of our fabric truly sets us apart from competitors.
Happy Customers
We go above & beyond to make our customers HAPPY!
Love what we do
We have fun & love what we do – make babies & parents happy.
Great Prices
We offer Luxury Handmade Baby Blankets at Great Prices.