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Jul 24 2015
handmade sensory socks

Here’s a shocking fact for you: Your baby will learn more in the first 3 years then the rest of their entire lives!

Without a doubt, it’s a very busy time for your adorable little one and their rapidly growing minds.

Welcome to the wonderful world of sensory development for babies.

I’ve been told by many people now that my Sensory Socks are some of the best sensory toys available for toddlers, babies and kids.  If you’re a new parent on a budget and looking for cheap sensory toys for children and babies, you won’t find anything better or less expensive than my carefully handmade sensory socks!

Sensory Socks for Travel

Okay, let’s face it… even the thought of needing to keep your toddler or small children in their seats, happy (but as quiet as possible) and entertained while on a road trip, plane or train is pretty terrifying!

If you do some planning though and bring one of your sensory socks, travelling could be not only really fun but even (gasp) educational for your little one. These are their formative years and sensory development is very important.

If they can have fun while further strengthening and developing the important senses in their little brains, that’s pretty amazing!

So go ahead, scoop up your adorable little one along with a couple sensory socks and a baby lovey for good measure… and hit the road. 🙂

Sensory Socks for Home

If you’re like most parents, you probably have or will have a house full of toys and baby products. Some of them are quite large, some are quite dangerous to your unsuspecting feet and some are just…weird.

I handmade these colorful sensory socks to be attractive for babies, take up no space at all, very easy to hold in tiny little hands, and soft on mom & dad’s feet when they step on them in the middle of the night!

Your baby will absolutely love to play with the sensory socks. Even parents see them and just have this urge to pick them up.  Okay, some of them end up doubling their use as personal hacky-sacks too.  Guilty. 😉

I’ve made these soft sensory toys from clean upcycled socks, black turtle beans & fresh whole cloves. Some of the great benefits include:

♥ Colorful pattern will help with sight development.

♥ Texture of the turtle beans inside will allow your curious baby to squeeze and crunch the sock.

♥ Wonderful scent from the whole cloves.

The many amazing sensory aspects of these socks are great for babies & toddlers from birth to 3 yrs as this is when they go through stages which the socks will help with:

♣ Personal, Social and Emotional Development

♣ Physical Development

♣ Understanding of the World

They will help develop your baby’s sight, hearing, touch and smell. They are eco-friendly, natural and c’mon, they smell heavenly!  Get one for the sock drawer while you’re at it. 😉

Nurture your “baby genius” with my lovingly handmade sensory socks…and get in a good game of hacky-sack while they’re asleep.