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Handmade Baby Blankets

bird-branchThese handmade baby blankets are almost as silky & as comforting as the womb your baby so desperately wants back into!

Your silky smooth and ultra soft baby blanket features a fun silky satin print on one side and an unbelievably soft plush minky on the other side.

Makes for an amazing baby shower gift or a beautiful investment into you & your baby’s sleep. (You can thank me later!)

This sleep inducing blanky has been zig-zag stitched for extra durability. I’ve personally put a lot of love, time, dedication and many hours into each individual blanky. I’m anxious for you to try my blanket out and see the difference!

Usually as soon as a baby sees the blanky, they will start yawning and c’mon, there’s nothing cuter than a yawning baby! ☺

Your blanket is of Boutique quality. If you only want the very best for your loving baby & at an affordable price, look no further. Order this luxurious Gift of Sleep today.

Get Ready For:
☼ Cuddles
☼ Snuggles
☼ Laughter
☼ Smiles
☼ Sleeeeeep.

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